Bandroom Project

Bandroom Project

Introducing a vital project to secure the future of the Organisation



The Enderby Band Organisation (EBO), a registered charity, is run entirely by volunteers.  It has seven bands, 160 members and is one of the largest organisations in the Country which provides for both brass and woodwind players of all ages and levels of ability.  We offer free tuition to young beginners as well as to older people returning to playing music in groups.

For 125 years the EBO has played a valuable part in south Leicestershire community life.  During all that time we have never had a permanent home and have had to rehearse in various places in and around Enderby village.  Our HQ is a Portacabin in Huncote on a site which is on a short term lease from the District Council.  This building is nearing the end of its useful life and is not big enough for all seven bands plus their instruments, music and uniforms.

Our Vision

We urgently need to find an area of land (2,500 m2 - 0.6 acres) or a suitable building we could develop as our new HQ.  This would mean all seven bands could rehearse in the same place.  At present, two bands - the Youth Band and the Wind Band - rehearse in the Enderby Village Institute.  The Enderby, Concert and Junior Bands all rehearse in Huncote.  This is unsatisfactory and there are real benefits in bringing all seven bands together in one modern facility.  It means we could continue to provide a valued community service as well as offering to share the building with other groups in the area.  

In the last 12 months we have renewed our efforts to find a site or building for a new band room.  We have evaluated quite a number of possible development sites but so far without success.

We have a business plan and have identified potential sources of grant aid, including major grant makers and businesses who are interested in supporting charities and community groups in Leicestershire.  However, our top priority is to find somewhere to develop so we can fulfil our ambitions.

Can You Help?

Do you know of a piece of land or a building which we could develop?  Or do you know someone else who does?

Do you have a particular skill (e.g. architecture and design, civil engineering, construction, project management etc.) which could help bring our project to fruition?

Email: Yes, I can help!


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